Canola Protein Concentrate
Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon

  • Concentrate of highly digestible insoluble canola protein.
  • Low ash content.
  • Excellent balance of essiential amino acids.
  • 0 phytic acid.
  • Rich source of highly digestible inorganic phosphorus and calcium.
  • Low levels of glucosinolates and other antinutritional factors.
  • Apparent nutrient digestibility in rainbow trout: protein = 89.9%, energy = 86.1%, (M.D. Drew and D.L. Thiessen, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada)
  • Recommended inclusion at 5-20% as a replacement of fishmeal and other high cost protein sources.


Figure 1  Figure 2
Fig. 1. Composition of test diets. 3 groups of 45 fish per dietary treatment fed over 105 days. Initial mean starting weight = 80.0-84.9 g. Fig. 2. Weight gain over 105 day feeding period. No statistically significant differences in weight gain between treatment groups (p = 0.05).
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