Extra Virgin Canola Oil
  • Expelled oil produced under low temperature non-denaturing conditions.
  • No further use of chemicals or bleaching agents to treat the oil.
  • No exposure to solvents.
  • Very low levels of trans fatty acids (typically 30% of levels in processed oil),
  • High omega-3 fatty acid levels, low saturated fat and high unsaturated fats. High levels of oleic acid.
  • Fatty acid profile consistent with a lowering of plasma cholesterol and a decrease risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Oil can be used directly as extra-virgin cold press canola oil.
  • Oil can be degummed to produce virgin cold press oil.
  • Oil specifications (Typical Analysis)
    • Free fatty acids (%)0.32
      Moisture and volatilies (%)0.06
      Chlorophyll (ppm)68.4
      Phosphorus (ppm)40.4
      Total trans fatty acids (mg/g)3.0
      Total saturated fatty acids (mg/g)65
      Total monounsaturated fatty acids (mg/g)536
      Total polyunsaturated fatty acids (mg/g)288
      Fatty acid profile
           Oleic acid (C18:1 !& 9) (mg/g)509
           Linolenic acid (C18:2 !& 6) (mg/g)188
           Alpha-linolenic acid (C18:3 !& 3) (mg/g)98
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