Canola Protein Concentrate


  • Concentrate of highly digestible insoluble canola protein.
  • Low ash content.
  • Excellent balance of essiential amino acids.
  • 0 phytic acid.
  • Rich source of highly digestible inorganic phosphorus and calcium.
  • Low levels of glucosinolates and other antinutritional factors.
  • Enchanced nutrient assimilation and growth rates at 25-50% replacement of fishmeal.
  • Recommended inclusion at 5-30% as a replacement of fishmeal and other high cost protein sources.

Figure 1 Fig. 1. Effect of replacement of fishmeal with Can Pro IP 65 on mean shrimp weight at 14 and 28 days. Basal diet (0% replacement)  32.2% South American prime fish meal. Remaining test diets contained Can Pro IP at the indicated levels of replacement of fishmeal. Each treatment consisted of 4 replicates of 10 shrimp. Different letters indicate a significant difference in mean weight (p = 0.05)

Performance trial using Can Pro IP as a direct replacement for premium quality South American fishmeal in diets fed to White Shrimp. M.N. Lopez and L.E. Cruz Suarez. Marine Culture Program, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Universida Autonoma De Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico.


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