Canola Protein Concentrate
Starter Swine

Starter Swine

  • Concentrate of highly digestible insoluble canola protein.
  • Excellent balance of essiential amino acids.
  • 0 phytic acid.
  • Rich source of highly digestible inorganic phosphorus and calcium.
  • Low levels of glucosinolates and other antinutritional factors.
  • Can replace fishmeal and animal protein sources in phase 1 and phase 2 starter diets while maintaining growth, feed intake and feed conversion rates.
  • Recommended inclusion at 5-15% of phase 1 and phase 2 starter diets.

Figure 1

Prairie Swine Center Inc. (Saskatoon, SK) starter pig performance trial. Diets formulated to provide 1.5% lysine from the indicated protein sources. Inclusion rates spray dried blood plasma = 5.0%; menhaden fishmeal = 6.8%; soy protein concentrate = 9.0%; Can Pro IP65 = 11.0%. Different letters indicate a significant difference in daily weight gain between treatment groups (p = 0.05).


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